It has been a trademark for the firm to keep its core business and services to a limited extend for high performacing and specializing, which has established a strong and relaible relationship with the business associates.

Ship Management and Operations
Operational business for the home tonnage has been carried out professionally by Devbulk on a day to day basis with the sector experts providing vessels and their charterers the optimum time usage and safe operational work for the benefit of all involved parties in a particular business.

Experienced seafarer based staff located both off shore and on shore is monitoring the maintenance and technical provisions of the vessels. The department keeps up with the technological developments in the marine industry which have been rapidly changing in the last decade.

The company has been chartering its owned tonnage exclusively by our own chartering team which has experience on fixing almost every single kind of dry cargo tonnage since 70’s acting as exclusive brokers.

With its professional dedicated team Deval Group has an independent trading company specifically has proved to be a reliable partner to major trading companies worldwide under Devbulk Trading Ltd. name.

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